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The "spectrum" feature displays the strength of the various pitches in any chord or note you select, in the form of a graph - a wavy line over a piano keyboard graphic. The heights of the various peaks in the graph indicate the strength of the note above which the peak appears. This is not a magic bullet for analysing chords but it can be a very useful source of information.

Transcribe! will perform "note guessing" and "chord guessing" - that is, it will attempt to interpret the spectrum information for you, marking the notes being played on the piano keyboard, and attempting to name the chords (in standard form such as "Am", "E7#9", etc). Note guesses can be displayed in "piano roll" form, showing the guesses over time, aligned to the waveform view.

Transcribe! supports Automation (or Scripting). You can run Transcribe! automatically from commands in a file, perhaps to process a number of sound files, saving them at different altered speeds, or to instruct Transcribe! to play various sound files with various effects.

Transcribe! offers various audio processing effects (Slowdown, Pitch Change, EQ filtering etc) intended to help with transcribing. These effects all run in "real time". This means there is no pre-processing or other waiting, the processing is performed on-the-fly while playing and you can instantly hear the effect of changes to EQ etc. For instance if you press the half-speed button while playing then playback simply continues, at half speed.

Mono/Karaoke This effect allows you to mix the two channels of a stereo recording together in various ways including phase-reverse, commonly known as "karaoke" as it sometimes has the effect of removing the vocal (if the vocal is panned dead-centre).

EQ A powerful EQ filter.

Tuning Adjustment to playback pitch, in cents (hundredths of a semitone) for fine tuning and also larger shifts of up to three octaves, which can for instance be useful in hearing low, murky bass parts by raising them by an octave or two.

Transposition Special handling for those of you who play a transposing instrument such as trumpet or saxophone.

Speed Speed variable from one twentieth to double speed. Free Shipping Explore Castaner Cloth Heels Good Selling Sale Online Genuine Cheap Price 4jNLfG
for an MP3 file (321 KB) demonstrating the sound quality of slowdown-without-pitch-change. It contains 7 seconds of a guitar solo played quite fast, followed by the same at half speed. This is what you get when you press Transcribe!'s half-speed button. Schutz S2041600220001U Leather/Fur/Exotic Skins Sale Order Free Shipping Deals 2018 Sale Online Super Specials ppVf4IR
for some slowed down samples of Coltrane's "Giant Steps". I haven't bothered to give lots of samples, since you can download Transcribe! for a free trial period and try it yourself.

Here is a two minute video by me, Andy Robinson, giving a very brief overview of Transcribe! Outlet Free Shipping Authentic Alexander McQueen Shearlingtrimmed leather ankle boots Buy Cheap Newest 2FrVI4HvF

Here are some more videos demonstrating the use of Transcribe! - these have all been produced by Transcribe! users - thank you!

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Orchard House School is committed to fostering each girl’s intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, emotional integrity and physical well-being. We are proud of the many key areas that set us apart from other educational institutions.

School Community and Culture

Students at Orchard House School learn to foster respect and understanding by valuing and respecting individual differences. In addition to the typical markers of diversity—race, religion, socioeconomic status, ethnicity and family structure—we seek diversity in learning styles, ability and achievement as well associal and study skills. The Admissions' Committee deliberately accepts girls whorepresent variances in the areas of academics, introversion and extroversion, social skills, learning styles, study skills and leadership skills. We are not looking to accept just the top 10% by ability or academics.

Social Skills

Brain and human dynamic research (Deak, Davies) supports the belief thatall children, girls in particular, learn best in an emotionally safe environment. Rather than dismiss or devalue differences, Orchard House girls learn to process differences directly and respectfully. Positive social and group skills are taught through thegeneral curriculum, cross-grade peer relationships, Morning Meetings, CORE, homerooms, and sports teams.

Learning Environment and Risk Taking

Orchard House fosters risk-taking as a natural facet of learning, requiring exploration from science to sculpture. Faculty build the expectation of risk into their lessons, encouraging students to speak up about uncertainty and celebrating the willingness to tackle discomfort. Students experience an extended focus on one arts discipline per quarter, where they learn to persist in acts of creation that don’t always come naturally to them, culminating in a demonstration of their work during a Studio Day open to the school community. The Arts Block and CORE curricula inform students’ approach to participation in all pursuits, academic, social, athletic, and artistic.

Girl Centered

Orchard House School is designed for what works best for girls.This intentionality is seen from the initial admissions process, through the day-to-day experiences, to final graduation.We know that girls grow best and develop confidence through experiences that foster competence. Girls’ connections to the real world and to the people around them are critical to personal engagement and success. Building on andusingthose strategies deliberately, wefocus onquestionsthatfoster personal growth as well as the development of thinking and learning. We want our girls to develop a strong, authentic sense of self along with the confidence, tools, people skills, problem-solving ability and critical thinking to go out into the larger world and make a difference.


CORE is at the heart of an Orchard House School education. COREis a four-year program designed to foster the strong, healthy development of each girl, teach her real world tools for success, and help her develop a global connection to the world. Some classes are taught specificallyon Fridayafternoons during the CORE block, while othersare included in the day-to-day curriculum.CORE imparts 21stcentury skills withseemingly disparate topics like service learning. financial literacy, the use of hand tools, health, ethics and decision making, specific art projects, public speaking and speechwriting.


Our historic building, located in the heart of the beautiful Fan district allows us to take full advantage of our vibrant Richmond community. Our programs are enriched by our close proximity to a wide range of universities, museums, parks, the state capitol, and monuments. On any given day, you may find our girls at the VMFA for the culmination of their sketching project for math class, at the Science Museum of Virginia attending the Washed Ashore exhibit, or at the SPCA dropping off blankets.

Cross-Grade Learning

Girls at OHS enjoy friendships and learning opportunities with girls outside of their own grade levels. In the Base Group program, each group is made up with a girl from each grade. The groups meet regularly to take on team building activities, service projects, or just have lunch with one another. Each Eighth Grade girl takes on leadership roles and coordinates her Passion Project with help from her base group. Another treasured relationship is the annual pairing of each Fifth Grade student with an Eighth Grade student. Eighth Grade students provide valuable support and friendly guidance to their Fifth Grade student, creating a special bond that often lasts beyond their time at Orchard House.

Our Faculty

If you ask current or former parents what they value most about OHS, often you will hear them mention our faculty. In addition to being experts in their fields, with many holding post-baccalaureate degrees, OHS teachers hold a deep respect for our students. They are committed to knowing each girl and helping her develop into her most confident and authentic self. A robust professional development program ensures that our teachers remain knowledgeable of best practices in their fields and passionate about their work.

I like that you know everyone at the school and that you get the opportunity to hang out with other grades and become friends and a role model to them." - OHS Student

Orchard House School | 500 North Allen Avenue | Richmond, VA 23220 | P: 804.228.2436 | F: 804.228.1069

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